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Q:gs-aladdin/gimp printing (may not be Debian-specific)

G'day --

I apologize if this turns out to be non-Debian specific, but I was reading
earlier on a thread in this group on printing under gs, and I have a couple of
questions ( I am running Debian 2.0- just released and 2.0.35 kernel):
1) Has anyone gotten gimp to print freefont-supplied fonts (like engraver)
with HP600c deskjet? I am trying to print size 16 and getting extremly bad
looking fonts, even though I can see them allright under X...
2) Is there a difference in how ghostview(1.5-17) handles printing, and direct
printing (ala command line) from gs-aladdin (5.10-9)? If I try to convert the
above mentioned image with small size fonts into ps format, my ghostview
output looks just as bad as direct print from gimp.

OTOH, if I use xfig for same images, with it's own fonts, everything works
fine. If I use same fonts (freefont-supplied) in Staroffice presentation, they
come out fine.
So, in short: is there anyone out there getting freefont to print reasonablly
well in gimp and *ps formats, and if so, could you point me to what am i doing
(I use magicfilter, but haven't had a need until now for really good printing)

Sorry for being so long..


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