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Re: Linus Torvalds interview

My experience also with Windows 95 has been pretty solid. I've had
months of uptime with Windows 95 with the only problems being occasional
GPF errors that close all open Netscape windows. But other than that
it's been pretty rock solid for me as long as I haven't installed
library type software or big software installations that play with the
registry a lot and dlls. With Windows 98, I haven't had a single GPF
error with Netscape, and pretty much everything I've run under it has
been rock solid and without incident. Also, I removed my 64MB SDRAM DIMM
and put in 16MB EDO for a day so (it's a long story why) and I hate to
say it but Windows 98 ran very smooth on my P166mmx with 16mb, faster
than my very lean compiled kernel Debian 2.0 with bone stock wmaker,
because when I had Netscape mail and a few Navigator windows open there
was little to no swapping to disk with Win98 (or the effect was
transparent to me) but things were not so smooth with Debian
2.0/Xfree/wmaker. WinNT IS NOT SMOOTH with 16mb at all, and I don't know
why this is because it's supposed to be a 'higher performance' OS than
95/98, right? As a matter of fact, NT for me has been less stable than
95/98, as I've had the blue screen of death several times with NT.

I should mention though that I've broken 95' very badly by doing things
like upgrading from DirectX5 to 5.2. Doing that rendered an image
browser the had been working perfectly till then inoperable, and it
would not uninstall properly nor reinstall, very strange behavior
indeed. But of course, taking 2 hours to reinstall 95' fixes that, or
any problem. I now use Debian 99.9% of the time though because it's
sooooo much nicer overall. I'm able to get work done much faster and
it's much more manageable than 95'/98' and has been 100% reliable for
me. Whenever something is screwed up, it always turns out to be my fault
with Debian, which I like.

Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 31, 1998 at 12:03:58PM -0400, tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:
> > Ever try replacing a Motherboard on a "win95" system?
>     Yes.  In fact, I swapped machines around the HDs to test a theory of
> mine.
> > That "fabulous, great, decent OS" loses it's mind! You see, all
> > information about the hardware is kept in the registry files. When the
> > Id's of the old MB (in the registry) don't match the new Id's of the new
> > MB, all H-LL breaks loose.
>     That hell, of course, is that Windows is updating the drivers supplied
> by the manufacturer(s) for their motherboard.  One reboot is all that is
> needed.  I know, like I said, I did it.  Swapped a whole machine around the
> HDs.  One machine had Win95 on it, another had Win95 and WinNT.
>     Am I advocating Windows?  No.  What I am doing is quelling some serious
> BULLSHIT here.
> > In contrast, Linux boots up without so much as a single hick-up and runs
> > fine!
>     This is also true since I've does the "swap" of a machine from around a
> HD with Linux.
> > You are right, the time is irrelevent, however, where is the "peer" review of
> > the inner workings of Win95/98? I get extremely irritated when an application
> > hoses the whole nine yards and I lose hours of labor to the "blue screen of
> > death". I've yet to lose anything within Linux.  Apparently, the "Win95
> > advocates" think that it is ok for the OS to lock down or freeze. Perhaps they
> > are numbed by the inability to fix the problem(s).
>     Apparently you're doing something wrong.  Because this *LINUX* advocate
> has a Win95/WinNT machine at home that rivals the uptimes of my Linux box.
> I have yet to lose data on that machine because of the OS, same as my Linux
> box.  In fact, at one time I ran on a single machine OpenDOS, Win95, WinNT,
> OS/2 and Linux (Slackware).  I had no problems with any of them.
>     So, no, I don't think it is right that the OS dies unexpectedly.  My
> experience is different than yours.  Wonder why that is?  I don't think I am
> gifted with any knowledge that you're not.
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