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libXmu.so.6 "can't load"

Hi All,

Just upgraded from bo to hamm. Got a problem with libXmu.
xlib6g and xlib6g-dev are installed. /usr/X11R6/lib is in
ld.so.conf. I've run ldconfig, rebooted, the sym. links
exist. When loading vi or netscape I get a "can't load
library libXmu.so.6" error. Any ideas or pointers to
specific docs would be great!

Thanks in advance!

A cc: to mnach@apres.org would be terrific. Thanks!

| Mike Nachlinger  (408) 446-9914  mnach@apres.org |
| Apres Ski Club   1-888-APRESGO   www.apres.org   |

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