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Re: SPI maintains Debian?

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> Seen on COLA
> Message ID: pycola.901874734.21973@laulujoutsen.pc.helsinki.fi
> ...
> Our work is supported in part by SPI, who maintain the Debian
> GNU/Linux distribution.
> ...
> I thought SPI "maintained" copyrights and the like for Debian - I was
> not aware they were involved to the extent implied by this sentence.  Is
> there information available which clearly delineates the relationship
> between Debian and SPI?
> (I'm not (too) paranoid, just confused)
It is my understanding that SPI agreed to donate $1000 to the GNOME
effort. I believe that it is this contribution that supports the above
statement. I admit that the reference to Debian being maintained by SPI is
a bit confusing, but my reading of the SPI charter (published by Ian J a
while back) indicates that all Debian Developers are "members" of SPI.
This may be the reason for the "cart before horse" statement above. (It
could be argued that Debian maintains SPI ;-)


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