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Re: log file rotation in hamm...

Shaleh wrote (Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:58:18 -0400 ):
|>Have you tried man on syslogd-listfiles??  It should give you a
|>pointer.  If not, contact the packages maintainer and ask him.  He/she
|>will know the correct way to do this.  If the script needs editing or a
|>conf file he can either make his own or ask for help.  If this is not
|>resolved, I will look into it when I get home.

ok, let's put this to rest:

- YES, i've read the man page.
- YES, it does give me a pointer.  the pointer essentially says that
  syslogd-listfiles decides when a log should be rotated based on its
  entry in /etc/syslogd.conf.  this was made clear very early on in
  the man page (and in my first email today).
- to do what i want to do requires that log file rotation periodicity
  be decided independently of /etc/syslog.conf entry.

it's entirely possible that (a) what i'm trying to do is supported by
syslogd-listfiles, but i don't know what i'm doing; (b) what i'm
trying to do is too stupid for words; or (c) it's a reasonable thing
to want, but syslogd-listfiles does not support it.  i believe (c) is
true.  =)

seriously though, i'll wait a little while to see what the debian-user
community comes up with.  personally, i trust that if there is a
coorect way to do this, someone on debian-user knows it.  if not, then
i'll file an enhancement request with the sysklogd package.


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