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Re: upgrading form lib5 to lib6

All I can say is that I have upgraded one system with apt-get and didn't
break anything.  I have also done three upgrades using autoup.sh and one
clean ftp install of hamm without any major problems.  There have been a
few minor glitches, but nothing which broke anything.  One of these
upgrades (the one using apt) was after hamm was frozen, none were with
either the beta or final release.

Judging from some of the messages I have seen, not everyone has been this
successful, however.  I don't have enough data to speculate on the

Upgrading from rex to bo or from hamm to slink was much easier, since the
libc5 to libc6 transition has been the biggest obstacle here.

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Mario Filipe wrote:

> On 22-Jul-98 Bob Nielsen wrote:
> > 3.  Install apt and run 'apt-get dist-upgrade'.  The bo version of apt may
> > be found at http://www.debian/org/~jgg/apt_0.0.17-1bo0_i386.deb (be sure
> > to read the documentation in this package). 
>         You mean that if I do this on a bo system it will be ok! No problems,
> no conflicts (except for the hand compiled stuff of course)??? IS THIS TRUE?
>         If it is true then YUPIIE! I've been thining about upgrading to hamm
> but being this the machine where i do all of my work i didn't want to get into
> problems....
>         Thanks
>         Mario Filipe 
>         mjnf@uevora.pt
> ----->  http://neptuno.sc.uevora.pt/~mjnf | Agora bilingue (PT e EN)
> ----->                                      Now bilingual (PT and EN)

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