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Re: Wintel CD burner apps to create Debian CDs?

>The last time I checked there was no such thing... Just curious if
>there is now a program for an NT/95 machine which will correctly burn
>the Debian 2.0 CD images (ISO-9660 + RRE, IIRC...).  I just got a
>nice new box with some actual horsepower! (PII-300).

Forget trying to get the files themselves... It's not the burner or software
that's the problem.  It's the OS.  WinXX doesn't support symbolic links - of
which the Debian FTP trees are full of....

Instead, get some software (Adaptec CD Creator Deluxe) that will write ISO
images to disc and then either download the Official Debian CD Set images
and burn them, or use mkisofs on a Linux box to create your own images from
a local mirror.  (Then, move the image to your Winbloze box and burn them
there.  This is what I do - seeing as (at work) I have a burner that is
unsupported by Linux - and, for "political" reasons has to remain with a
Winbloze box, anyways....)

Kevin Traas

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