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Re: Hamm problem. (XDM, maybe)

James Brown (Ender/Gcc) wrote:
> Hi,
>    I've just upgraded my system to Hamm, but after a reboot the screen
> flashs from text to graphics
> mode, and back. I think it might be XDM, as X Windows doesnt load...
> Any suggestions on how I can stop this? I dont want to format my H/D,
> and I cant shutdown XDM
> because the keyboard doesnt work while switching. And as the screen
> switchs about 5 times a second...
> -- Ender
> --

Try booting single user.  At the LILO message press left shift (you have
about 2 seconds).  At the resulting boot: prompt enter "linux single"
(without the quotes) and return.  Then enter the root password to go
into single user mode.

There will probably be a screen full of Xwindow messages that you can
read with leftshift pageup/pagedown.  My system didnt like an entry in
/etc/X11/XF86Config.  There was a line indicating my video chip set was
"trident 96xx" which I had to change to "trident 9680".  This is all it
took to get the system back to normal.

You will probably find some simular error message that will get you
going without much trouble.

good luck,


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