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Re: Linux vs. Windows

These days, Linux being hard to install is true only in the sense that
almost everyone installing it is starting out with something like Win95
already on their machine. That immediately causes problems like setting
up a dual boot and partitioning to crop up - and these are problems that
are not unique to installing Linux.

If you had two equally intelligent/skilled people, gave one a Debian CD
and the other a Win98 CD, and then gave each of them identically
equipped new machines with reasonably mainstream hardware and a blank
hard drive, I doubt that one would have significantly more trouble than
the other in getting up and running.

It's what comes after the install that is harder in Linux - there's no
doubt about that. But speaking for myself, after a bit of a struggle
getting started, it has been well worth the effort. Linux isn't for
everyone though - and was never intended to be.


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