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No color in second xterm

After I installed  hamm on a new machine I have noticed that the first
xterm I start (xterm -ls -sb) has proper colors.  All xterms started
after the first xterm do not display colors properly.  Even when I quit
all xterms and start a new xterm, the new xterm does not have color.

Here is my setup -

* KDE 1.0

* % setenv | grep TERM

* In my .tcshrc -
if ( (! $?ENVONLY) && $?prompt ) then
    # Let xterm display the pwd
    alias cd 'cd \!*; echo -n ^[]2\;$cwd^G'
    set prompt="%U%m%u:%B%/ \!%b% "

* Server MetroX.  Same problem with SVGA server too.

* cat ~/.xserverrc
exec X :0 -bpp 16

* Color ls works fine.  It is color xterm that I am having problems with

How do I get my colors back?  What am I doing wrong?  Is it a terminfo

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