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Re: No color in second xterm

In article <35BF77F9.DB2383C0@netscape.com>,
Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com> wrote:
>After I installed  hamm on a new machine I have noticed that the first
>xterm I start (xterm -ls -sb) has proper colors.  All xterms started
>after the first xterm do not display colors properly.  Even when I quit
>all xterms and start a new xterm, the new xterm does not have color.

You need to set TERM=xterm-debian (as I discovered today).

This was done because if you login to a debian box from another non-debian
system, and the debian box would assume "hey, it's xterm, it can do
color and has many other extensions" you'd end up with a messed-up display.
So you set TERM=xterm-debian to hint that you have an extended xterm.

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