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Re: Filter for printer Canon bjc-4100..............

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, phillip Neumann wrote:

> Hi
> I have a question about (my) printer. To print postscript i installed 
> the magicfilter package and select the filter for canon bjc-600. It 
> works fine. The only problem is that i have a canon 4100, and comparing 
> with win95, that have the right filter, in linux, its much more slowly 
> and cannot print in colors....
> Where can i get a filter for canon bjc-4100 ????
> I have try with apsfilter, but it even dont have a filter for canon 
> 600...

I used a MPC-2500 for a few years on my Linux box (the printer part is
supposedly indentical to a bjc-4100).

I never tried color with magicfilter, but it printed color fine with
apsfilter.  The filters in apsfilter are all symlinks to a single filter
and the printer name is derived from the name of the symlink to
determine the proper printer name for the -sDevice= parameter of

What I did was to install apsfilter with for a different printer and then
rename the various symlinks to use bjc600 instead.

It's possible that the version of ghostscript you are using was improperly
configured for color with the bjc600 driver.  I recall that Red Hat had
one with that problem a few years ago.  I understand that getting all the
drivers configured and compiling ghostscript is not trivial.  You might
try a different version.

I had so much trouble with the Canon printheads drying up (sometimes after
printing less than 50 pages) that I went back to my HP DJ520 (which is
somewhat better, but still not great in that respect).


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