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Re: Linus Torvalds interview

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Alexander wrote:

> Hi...
> Well, Windows is a decent OS if you know how to use and configure it right
> (and work around its many bugs). If you can't deal with bugs in an OS you
> don't deserve to be allowed to use a computer, or even own one. Windows
> took many years to develop into its present state of glory and bugs alike.
> Do you think MS took only 5 minutes to design and implement the UI? Or
> FAT32? I don't think so.

Tell you what... configuring wimp95 is too boooringgg.  I
configured my wimp95 box for a long time and still I get occasional crashes.  
M$ likes to hide the inner workings of their OS so you pay them for tech
support.  I don't know if you get occasional crashes with your wimp95 box
but I do.

And it still crashes when I need it the most.

Now that I have debian  GNU/Linux. I don't have to live my computing life
rebooting everytime I change settings

That's all I can say about this.
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