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Re: Hamm and 3com's 905 PCI.

> BTW: When I get it to work (And it will work today, whether the machine
> wants to or not), what is the directory to mount? (/dists,
> /dists/hamm, /dists/hamm/hamm, /dists/hamm/hamm/binary-i386 , any other
> locatoin?) - just to save my time...

You need to mount whatever directory (read: file system) you were mounting
on the RedHat system.  If you are mounting it as root (which - I think - is
the only way you /can/ mount a fs), then it doesn't matter where you mount
it on your local system.  The preferred place is /mnt.

Make sure you are mounting the file system with the exact name the nfs server
specifies (such as /pub/debian, or /debian), and not /debian/dists, for
example, assuming that /pub/debian, or /debian, is what has been exported.


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