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Re: Hamm and 3com's 905 PCI.

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> : I forgot to mension it before, but the reply I get is: 
> : mount: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed Out
> Aha - so the NIC works, but trying to mount an NFS share on that machine
> does not.
> Is the NFS server running Debian?  Some BSD NFS servers don't get along
> well with the NFS support in Linux.  Did you edit /etc/exports on the
> server to allow access from the new machine?  Have you inserted the NFS
> module or compiled NFS support into the kernel on the new machine?  Have
> you examined the logs on the server to see if a connection is being
> attempted, but denied?
I'm not sure what machine runs the NFS (and the administrator is not
present right now), I do know, however, that I was able to nfs mount this
machine with my other RedHat machine, so there is no  problem with the
Linux nfs suppert, and I didn't do anything special to mount it (such as
contacting the administrator of the NFS server), so there is no problem
with /etc/exports.
This is done in the installation of a new hamm machine , and I did install
the nfs module. Everything seems fine, the only problem is that it doesn't

I'd like to hear some suggestions,

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