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Re: DVD support for linux


It's really up to you. I really recommend building a machine from scratch,
but if you insist on having someone else do it for you, a specialized
Linux machine is probably a safe bet. (proprietary technology is a pain in
the *** with Linux)


On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Curt E. Spann wrote:

> Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:40:20 -0400
> From: "Curt E. Spann" <curt@luddite.net>
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: DVD support for linux
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> Also if I am gonna buy  a computer to use mostly for linux but also use
> win98 just play some games.......Not many but some.  What manufacter should
> I get the system from, Micron, Gateway, Dell, or one that make PC just for
> Linux?
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> From: Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net>
> To: Curt E. Spann <curt@luddite.net>
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> Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 2:29 PM
> Subject: Re: DVD support for linux
> >Fun Fun Fun
> >
> >Curt E. Spann wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello,
> >>     I getting ready to purchase a new system but before I do I need to
> know
> >> some stuff.  First does Linux support dvd drives.
> >Probably not yet.  And since the DVD videos will also likely be useless
> >ther is not much point.  DVD is nice for TV's, waste of time for
> >computers.
> >
> >>What video card should I get?
> >
> >You ask later so I will kill two birds with one stone.  AGP is both
> >poorly supported and a waste of money.  AGP cards can actually lessen
> >system performance.  System resources are stolen to give the enhanced
> >video.  Also numerous motherboards have problems sharing AGP and other
> >slots.  Best recommendation is to avoid them (yeah I will get flack for
> >this one).
> >
> >> If I have a choice between SCSI and Ultra ATA system which should I
> >> get?  SCSI is a little more expensive but is it really worth it?
> >
> >For a home workstation SCSI is not a great gain unless you intend to
> >really beat the hard drive.  Even then the new IDE's make this
> >questionable.  You will find that many UNIX vendors are shipping IDE in
> >all but the highest end machines.
> >
> >>Is AWE 64 PCI supported, or AWE 64 ISA?
> >Yes AWE is supported.
> >
> >> Also is there really a big difference between 66Mhz bus and 100Mhz > bus.
> >
> >The 100mhz is faster and will allow for more upgrades later.  If you
> >insist on dumping this much monery -- go for it.
> >
> >Now for my personal opinoin (-:
> >
> >GO to xfree86.org.  Read what video cards have better support and why.
> >Numerous card vendors are not supporting the free software community.  I
> >say the same thing about Intel.  It seems hell bent on locking all
> >hardware in an NDA (which means the free community has to pay for specs
> >and can not give out the source).  So if you would -- please do not
> >support Intel.  Buy an AMD or a Cyrix.
> --  
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