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Re: Mutt, Exim, and the From: header

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 05:38:44AM -0500,
			Curt Daugaard wrote ...

> Mutt has decided to alter the From: line in my outgoing mail.  I
> rewrite this header under Exim, changing the domain portion to
> that of my isp.  But as you can see from the header in the present
> message, the rewrite portion has been replaced with '@'.
> When I check Exim's handling of things with 'exim -brw' the
> rewrite is correct.

You can set a hostname in your ~/.muttrc.

set hostname=hostname_of_your_isp.com

Another method to set your from: -line:

my_hdr From: Curt Daugaard <youremailadresshere>


Dominik Rothert
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