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Re: Printing Mac PS files containing binary data - THE ANSWER!!

The culprit is TCP/IP. We finally installed ppr which can send print jobs
to a printer from a linux box using Appletalk rather than TCP/IP and it
worked. This was after much stuffing around with every other link in the
printing chain.

lpr may still be a problem with it's aparaent inability to deal with
binary data but TCP/IP is a definite problem.

I do not know if LPRng can communitcate using Appletalk.

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, awcl wrote:

> Hi Richard.
> I have the same problem. I tried all the triks on the book and finally I
> thought I could hack lpr. The lpr documentation says the lpr cannot print
> binary files.
> You have to get LPRing or some commercial printing system for Linux.
> I do not know place to get LPRing and I am not sure how that goes with Samba.
> If you get something going pls let me know.!!!
> Anil
> Richard Wraith wrote:
> > We have a problem with binary PS files (primarily from Adobe applications
> > like Photoshop, Illustrator etc) where they get corrupted on the way to
> > the printer with the result that hundreds of pages spit out of the printer
> > with a few random characters on them rather than one page of the desired
> > print job.
> >
> > We think the problem lies in either netatalk or lpr or both.
> >
> > ASCII ps files print fine from all machines (Macs, PCs and Linux)
> >
> > We have very little trouble with files from PCs, but then our PCs do very
> > little graphic work and hence are less likely to produce PS files with
> > binary data buried inside.
> >
> > Has anyone any experience with this problem AND found a solution?

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