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Re: IPX (ipxripd) and ppp


I've played with ipx with pppd, and got the interface installed, but
didn't actually try to get routing going (I was trying to get bridging
going, to play IPX games on my local network, and get a remote player to
join from dial-in, never got it to work though - anyone have any ideas???

On 19 Jul 1998, Mike Patterson wrote:

> 1) Some sites talk about tools like ipx_route and ipxping. None of these came
>    with the ipxripd package. Are these nessecary? 

ipx_route is in the ipx package, don't know about ipxping.
ipx_interface is good to set up each interface, and then use route to
connect them (how, I have no idea ;-)

> 2) I've been given the impression by other sites that the ability for ipx 
>    routing was built into the kernel, but given little more information than 
>    the compile options to select.

I have hardly found much info either. I set up ipx-bridge, found it didn't
work, so I e-mailled the authors, found it was designed for kernel 1.2,
rather than 2.0.x!!
Install the package ipx, see if you can find any more info than I did.

> 3) Still others name it as a function of the ppp daemon, so I went out and got
>    the source for 1.2g, and looked around for any mention of IPX. I found none.
>    These pages would talk about options like:
>    +ipx-protocol                                                               
>    ipx-network 0xBB05                                                          
>    ipx-node 2:0                                                                
>    ipx-accept-remoteA
>    None of which work (although all are mentioned in the pppd man pages) 

I am running bo, what are you running?
The packaged pppd has no ipx support, so I got a new one.
I have pppd 2.2.0, with the patches for hamm installed.
You should get a newer pppd, and compile it, make sure ipx is enabled.
The patches from hamm have support for microsoft-wins I think (not too
sure actually).

Note that the commands for ipx and wins change with the newer pppd.

HTH, any other questions, just ask, you never know I might know ;-)



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