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IPX (ipxripd) and ppp

I've installed the ipxripd package, and I've been looking around to try to 
find out how to set up ipx networking between the ppp line coming in, and the
LAN I already have set up. I have a few questions:

1) Some sites talk about tools like ipx_route and ipxping. None of these came
   with the ipxripd package. Are these nessecary? 

2) I've been given the impression by other sites that the ability for ipx 
   routing was built into the kernel, but given little more information than 
   the compile options to select.

3) Still others name it as a function of the ppp daemon, so I went out and got
   the source for 1.2g, and looked around for any mention of IPX. I found none.
   These pages would talk about options like:
   ipx-network 0xBB05                                                          
   ipx-node 2:0                                                                

   None of which work (although all are mentioned in the pppd man pages) 

Any help would be appreciated.


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