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from which directory should i download?

I recently put together a spare machine out of recycled, discarded parts at
a cost of zero cash dollars (The HDD actually came out of a friend's
trash!).  It is a weak machine, though: AMD '386-25, 5MB RAM 40MB HDD,
parallel port, game port....   After putting together a free machine, Debian
seemed like a natural choice for the OS.

I installed 1.3 about a week ago but, as I'm a newbie, things weren't
exactly how I would like.  Rather than spend lots of time tweaking bo and
_then_ upgrading to hamm, it seems more sensible to just start fresh with
hamm (especially since I don't have any user files on the bo system yet) and
then tweak.

I was browsing ftp.debian.org and found (among others) the following
(you get the idea; there are lots of directories named "hamm")

Which one should I use?

Another question: Since my system has <6MB RAM, I used the low-memory
procedure when installing bo.  It didn't work until I did "lowmem" from the
boot: prompt (i.e. boot: lowmem).  This option was not documented in the
install file (unless I managed to miss it).  I think I read about it in an
archive.  Will "boot: lowmem" work with hamm as well?

One more question:  I have been messing around with PLIP on the bo setup and
am wondering if I can use it to direct-connect with (excuse me)a win95
machine.  Is this possible, or am I better off using s SLIP connection?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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