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Re: fresh hamm installation...

Alan Su wrote:
> i'm doing a fresh install of hamm, and i'm just wondering: what
> happened to the ftp method of installation?  my choices were floppy,
> cd-rom or hard drive, but no option to do an ftp install.  basically,
> i'm forced to do a floppy install since all i have on the system is
> win98, and in their great wisdom, microsoft has not provided a way to
> make a vanilla FAT partition.  oh well...just curious.

I'm pretty sure I've made plain old MS-DOS 6.xx compatible FAT-16
partitions with Win 98. I remember when I first used it's fdisk it asked
me if I want to make all partitions FAT32 (not in those words though,
they just said if you have a big hard disk say yes or something). If you
answered yes, there's probably a way to go back and answer no. Also, you
could just download the Debian rescue disk and when the CFDISK part
comes up you could make your FAT-16 partition then.

> -alan
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