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touching file dates

I pulled most of the HAMM binaries via ftp under Win95.  Now that I 
have installed HAMM and moved the files to a proper set of 
directories under my ext2fs the file dates are the dates I pulled 
them down, NOT the dates from the ftp site where I got them 
(ftp.de.debian.org).  Now that I'm trying to mirror the binaries with 
fmirror, it wants to get EVERYTHING because the file dayes are so 
mismatched.  I've set up my config files to ignore the file time/date 
if its within at least roughly 9999999999999999 seconds ;-) but I'd 
rather correct the dates on my system without downloading the whole 
800+meg (at 33.6) again.

  Any way to touch file dates to match those on a remote (ftp 
-- no login) system?

Gerald V. Livingston II

'69 Bug -- AirBall

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