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Re: What should I buy ?

On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 02:19:17PM +0000, Ionut Borcoman at home wrote:
> Hi,
> It is possible to obtain some money at the office for a new server. Here
> is the 'generic configuration' that I have in mind:

I don't know what this server is for. I sincerly hope you don't want to
waste this stuff on a file server or so :) (For a file server, you neither
need CPU power, nor graphic card, sound card or monitor).
> - Dual Pentium II 300

AMD is working well, and maybe just go for an ALPHA 500 MHz :)

> - 256 Mb RAM

Yep. If you want to do Squid proxy caching, file serving or graphic
processing, consider even more.

> - Two 7Gb SCSI HDDs

SCSI Controller: BusLogic is a must. Maybe get four smaller disks and use
Software RAID to improve security-

> - 2 Mb AGP Card
> - 19" Monitor
> - 4x SCSI CD-Recorder
> - 32x CD-ROM

The faster CD ROMs can cause problems (especially with bad CD's, for
example, where the weight is not good distributed on the disc). So, it may
work better with a slower CD Drive. However, good CD drives should be able
to control themselves.

> - Network Card (100 Mb/s)

Probably don't buy 3com cards. Look in the Ethernet Howto for a list of
supported cards.

> - SoundBlaster Clone

Don't buy clones! You'll have a hard time finding the right Linux driver,
because they are not hardware compatibel. Buy a card you can find the name
in the supported list (Sound-HOWTO): For example, SB 16 (original).

> - Flatbed SCSI Scanner
> - Small Postscript Printer
> - Radio-modem
> - SO: Debian Slink

Maybe Debian Hamm for stability, with a few selected packages upgraded.

Have you considered a back up device? Also:

ASUS motherboard.
As much CPU cache as possible.

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