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What should I buy ?


It is possible to obtain some money at the office for a new server. Here
is the 'generic configuration' that I have in mind:

- Dual Pentium II 300
- 256 Mb RAM
- Two 7Gb SCSI HDDs
- 2 Mb AGP Card
- 19" Monitor
- 4x SCSI CD-Recorder
- 32x CD-ROM
- Network Card (100 Mb/s)
- SoundBlaster Clone

- Flatbed SCSI Scanner
- Small Postscript Printer
- Radio-modem

- SO: Debian Slink

We will have something arround 7000$ - 8000$ to spend for this server.
The problem is that I am not sure about what brands/models to look for.
For instance, the SCSI Controler from another computer of us doesn't
work extremely well  and I was able to install only hamm on that
computer, but not the bo, because of this. 



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