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How often ftp sites are updated ?


I am trying to make a local mirror of slink at the office. I am
mirroring a nearby site which have hamm and slink. The problem is that
today, when I wanted to install something, I discovered that many
packages were missing. Also, making some Packages files with
debian-scanpackage, I've found that I was missing many files. Also, the
dists/unstable/main/disks-i386/current was empty (when I left the

Can somebody tell me how often the slink is changed and how often I
should mirror it to have everything up-to-date ? (I want to make some
CDs with slink and it would be a pitty to burn a broken dist).

Another question concerns the size of slink and hamm. After mirroring
slink I have obtained a 520 Mb main and a 55 Mb contrib. For
comparation, hamm has a binary-i386.raw (main CD image) of 600Mb and a
contrib.raw of cca 200 Mb (contrib image). Can somebody please explain
me this ?



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