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OFF-TOPIC: fwd: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Tip of the Day [Downloading multiple files - 07/27/98]

Sorry, I just HAD to bring this one :P

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> multiple files - 07/27/98]
> And now for today's tip ...
> R. K. asks this question:
> "I often like to start downloads for more than one file at a time.
> Lately I've noticed that Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 frequently
> doesn't display the Save This Program to Disk option until the
> previously selected download finishes. Is this a bug in Microsoft
> Internet Explorer 4?"
> No, this isn't a bug. What's happening is that IE 4 and 4.01 stick to
> the Request for Comment (RFC) 2068 specification. This specifies that
> clients may create no more than two keep-alive connections at a time
> on a given server.
> Microsoft also generally recommends that you not try to initiate
> downloads of more than four files at a time.
> ----------------------------------------------

This is a general problem with windows95/98, because the OS doesn't allow
more than 4 (four!!) network connections!!

Why is this ??    Why do ppl have to suffer from this stupid limitation ??
I never understood that. Maybe someone can explain it to me ?


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