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Re: TeTeX and timing package

lee@sectionIV.com (Lee Bradshaw) writes:
| Hi,
| I'm trying to use a package for drawing timing diagrams I downloaded from
| CTAN. I'm pretty new to TeX and haven't figured out all the programs yet.
| Specifically I don't where to place all the files in the package. I put them
| in a local directory and which was in my $TEXINPUTS environment
| variable. Here 
| is part of the output from "latex main":


TeTeX is much better than building TeX/LaTeX by hand, or other
distributions I've tried but TeX, in general, is sure a nightmare to

Anyway, if I remember correctly, TFM files aren't found via the
TEXINPUTS environment variable, but via the TFMFONTS variable. Take a
look at the file /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf and look for that variable. If
that doesn't work look at the other gazillion variables in there to
see if you can find where the kpse software is trying to find it.

One tool I've found that helps a lot with this sort of thing is
kpsewhich. It's what all the TeTeX software uses to find files, and
with the --debug switch it'll help you, slightly, try and find out why
a file isn't being found.

Good Luck!

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