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Xircom builtin pcmcia ethernet/modem card.


I have installed hamm on a new Digital HiNote Laptop.  It has a built in
Xircom ethernet/modem card - ie both the ethernet and the modem are on the
same card.  I know it is possible to get this all working because I have
heard people with a RedHat system have done so without too many problems.
The main thing they had to do was get a recent version of pcmcia-cs.
I have got the latest version of pcmcia-cs and pcmcia-modules from slink
(unstable) and installed these.  This was a big improvement over the
original hamm versions - where the card was not even detected.  Now it
seems to detect it fine and it even seems to initialize the ethernet
fine, but not the modem.  Here is the relevant section of

Jul 28 16:54:51 genoa kernel: xirc2ps_cs.c 1.29 1998/04/27 19:20:19
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: loading device 'eth0'... 
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: eth0: auto negotation failed; using 10mbs 
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: eth0: media 10BaseT, silicon revision 5 
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: eth0: Xircom: port 0x300, irq 3, hwaddr
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: register_serial(): autoconfig failed 
Jul 28 16:54:55 genoa kernel: serial_cs: register_serial() at 0x02e8,
irq 3 failed 

It would seem that both the ethernet part and the modem part wish to use
the same irq 3 and this is causing problems???

I looked at /proc/interrupts and it listed interrupt 3 as belonging
to xirc2ps_cs - so it seems it's being used by the ethernet part of
the Xircom card and for some reason it has problems dealing with the
serial part of the same card.

Perhaps I need to change some configuration files somewhere?  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

(My kernel is 2.0.34 and pcmcia card services version is 3.0.4)

Thanks in advance for your help,


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