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home network w/win'98 & Debian

Greetings all,

i'll try to keep this as short was possible....
i need someone to point me somewhere where i can find info on
networking.....such as setup and protocols, hardware etc...
its for a home network......and i think its a great way to introduce 4
kids to linux (before they're completely windoze brainwashed...)

here's the setup....i have 6 computers and would like to setup a linux box
for internet access, printing, email (not that hard...i have read the
FAQ's and am eager to start..)
here's my question(s)...

i also want to set up a windows box to serve the slower win boxes that do
not have alot of HD space.....

how should i go about this???  i have hardly any network experience but
will read to find out.... 

so basically i will have two servers....and need
to access them both by about 3 different computers....should i use hubs???
if so how??? what kind of networking cards/cable  should i use??? for
for debian???

i would appreciate any type of direction ( dont have lots of $$$ so i'd
like to become informed before investing any $$$$).... 

feel free to reply to me directly, since it is not STRICTLY debian
related.....but i knew not of where to turn..


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