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Re: kernel-source-patch packages?

E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:
> Shaleh wrote:
> [...]
> > 2.0.35 has various updates for non-Intel CPU's.  Other little fixes.  I
> > would recommend at least going to 2.0.34.  Grab the kernel source from
> > ftp.kernel.org and use the debian kernel packager.  It makes kernel
> > compiling a cinch.  I recommend againt patching from one kernel ver to
> > thre next.  Something always seems to be messed up.
> This `messing up' probably happens because the debian kernels sometimes
> (always?) have a number of non-standard extra patches applied.  The
> usual kernel patches that are distributed on sites where you can get the
> linux kernel source, are made with respect to `clean' kernels.  What
> about having debian kernel-patch packages?  Say I have 2.0.34 installed
> and I want to upgrade to 2.0.35.  It could save some ftp time if I'd
> only needed to get kernel-source-patch2.0.34_2.0.35-1.deb, instead of
> the complete source.  The installation script could offer the
> opportunity to generate a separate 2.0.35 tree, so that the old one
> still exists, or to just update the 2.0.34 tree and rename it to 2.0.35.
> Comments anyone?
> Eric

	I've got to agree; patch packages would be nice, since the source
packages are now exceeding 7 Meg.


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