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Re: I lost my window managers!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tue, Jul 21, 1998 at 09:03:23AM -0500, Mark Panzer wrote:
> Here's what happened,
> I guess I was  a little jumpy and I started typing in one of the X-terms
> that opens by default before window-maker started.  Then it [X-win]
> decided not to load a window-manager.  No problem I thought, I rebooted
> and tried again, still no window-manager.  I looked in my
> window-managers file and all of them are listed, how come it doesn't
> start any??  Thanks for your help..

hmmm wmaker is your default?
try commenting out wmaker.
If that works...try this:
move the GNUstep directory in your home drive to a new name.
then try...wmaker will recreate its standard GNUstep dir...
I found that I many times set somethin in wmaker and next thing I knew
wmaker wouldn't run anymore...in fact...all I got
was twm (which afaik isn't even listed in my window-managers file...
I hate twm)
maybe this will fix it? give it a try
course...I went back to fvwm2 last nnight...I find I prefer
fvwm2 with tkdesk to wmaker

> PS - windows look kinda neat without a window manager sometimes (except
> you can move them)

I sorta agree...it is different...hmmm
could take out fvwm2 sources...strip em down totally...
take out all the code for most functions... get rid of all window
decorations... no titlebar...no fram...
just a window manager with 1 function..it lets you move windows

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