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Re: proxy services what is available?

I would say SOCKS is easier than TIS. I have used both but have done limited
configuration and maintenance of TIS while I've done lots with SOCKS. TIS is an
"application level" proxy while SOCKS is a socket level proxy. TIS will give you more
fine-tuned control. SOCKS allows you to control access according to source
machine/port, dest machine/port and also by user. SOCKS basically knows about making
network connections, but doesn't know anything about the data that's sent over that
connection. In TIS there are different proxies for different services, specific to the
operation application. I think SOCKS is easier to configure (but I know socks
intimately). The server itself needs a single config file with as few as two lines. I
like SOCKS because it allows what's known as Authenticated Firewall Traversal. This
allows you to set up a VPN. For me this is a big bonus because my company has a number
of offices and all are connected to the internet. Anyway I'd be glad to help you set
up a socks server. I recommend using socks5 (it supports UDP, better auth control,
etc. etc.). I don't think there's a debian package for it. I can point you to the
source or package up my own binaries for you if you wish. I've been meaning to package
it but just don't have the time.

Keith Alen Vance wrote:

> I need to setup a proxy server. What is a available and what is the
> easiest to configure and setup. What is the difference between TIS proxy
> server and the SOCKS proxy server? My main emphasis is on ease of
> install. If anyone out there has experience with setting up linux as a
> proxy server I would love to here from you.
> Thanks,
> Keith
> nfn11988@naples.net

Jens B. Jorgensen

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