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RE: a user list too big, AGAIN!?

Hi all,

Geez, this is possable the most re-occuring topic, we all go through this
about once every couple of months.

Personnally i like the list the way it is, i am subscribed to several list
of varing types and regularly recive over 800 emails every day (yes 800) on
my pooky ole 33600 modem, i spend a whole 2-5 mins on the phone (which i
have to pay for!).

sorting the mail in no problem, try using netscape mail (its threaded it

splitting the list would be daft, we would all end up subscribed to them
all, cross-post our message to all of the lists, and effectivly triple the
volume overnight.

if it takes ages to dl all of your mail then i suggest changing isp, there
can be hell of a lot of difference in connection speeds, with a 33600 you
should hit connection speeds of about 3-4kps - higher if your isp is very
close. Rember the golden rule "you get what you pay for", loads of webspace
may seem like a good deal, but webspace carnt be that expensive, just look
at the amount of places give 10MB+ away free on the net (eg xoom), spend the
extra, less webspace, and more email accounts usually means faster


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