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removing kernel sources


	I have the kernel source tree on a machine with very limited space. 
I have compiled from it but it is just plain occupying too much space.  I
want to get rid of it now.  Just about anything that could be done as a
module was.  Following the instructions in the README file in the root of
the src tree I have made /usr/include/asm /usr/include/linux and
/usr/include/scsi symlinks to the respective include directories of the src
tree (oh, BTW this is 2.0.30).

Q: Can I 

	1) restore these three directories by deleting the symlinks doing
	   mkdir /usr/include/xxxxx and then copying from the pointed to src
	   directories to the newly recreated /usr/include/xxxx directories
	   and then
	2) delete the source tree

and still have a bootable runnable system ?  I guess it is the module stuff
that worries me the most. Is there anything in the source tree, now that I
have compiled from it a couple of times, that is necessary to the continued
health of the box ?


	Gerald Crimp

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