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Re: Making modem talk 4........................

Right, well, it goes to your PNP ISA devices anyway. For an ISP dialer perhaps you
could try xisp. I use diald myself. About the slowness, perhaps you are just running
at a low serial rate. Make sure when you run comm programs your serial speed is
115200. The default on the port if you don't specify it is probably 9600. Good luck.

phillip Neumann wrote:

> Hi,
>   YES, i (we) made it. My modem is making noises !!! But i bougth my
> modems not to do some noise, but to conect to internet. I have try the
> dip utility, but i dont like it very much. Maybe the problem is not from
> dip (and im almost sure the problem isnt from dip), but when i log to my
> ISP it is extreamly slow. i must wait about 1 minute to write my login
> and password!! How can i resolve this?? And can you recomend me a good
> ppp dialer (i prefer a Xwindow diales) ??
> PD: I guess all this (pnp) configuration stuff goes to my soudcard too
> isnt?
>                          T H A N K S
>                        Phillip Neumann
>                       filsin@hotmail.com

Jens B. Jorgensen

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