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Re: Unidentified subject!

Unless explicitly told to do so using xhost, X does not allow anybody
other than the person who started it to open windows on its desktop,
not even root.  I could never figure out the proper syntax for xhost,
however, so I usually end up just using 'xhost +' which disables all
access control and then 'xhost -' when I'm done.

On Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 12:06:54PM -0700, Geoff Brimhall wrote:
> When I log in to my debian system as non-root, I sometimes like to run a few X programs as root.
> So I startup xterm, do a 'su', and then attempt launch the X program.
> It always returns with an (paraphrased) error 'cannot connect to xserver - permission denied'.
> What is causing this ? Do I need to put in a DISPLAY=Machine_Name:0.0 into /etc/profile ?

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