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Re: Eithernet Cards on bo

On Sun, 5 Jul 1998 ssnow@earth.ml.org wrote:

: Hi
: Currently I have a 386 running Debian 1.3.1 (BO) and it is running the
: 2.0.29 kernel. I was wanting to use a EtherLink III from 3 com, it is a
: 3c509b.k It has both BNC and AUI on it. It also has no jumpers. It is an
: ISA card. I  was just wonderijng if there is a way to get that working on
: teh 386 i have. Or if i can't get that working I would like to use a 3com
: NW1000-TP I don't know what 3c* it is but it is from 3Com. It has jumper
: settings on it i disabled the nemory and the i/o baes on it is 300.

Others may disagree, but I have found that it is best to disable "Plug
and Play" on 3C509 cards.  You can do that with the drivers disk
available via ftp from www.3com.com .  Unfortunately you must boot to a
DOS disk to use their configuration utility, but you only have to do it
once :)

When using a 3C509, I do the following:

1) Boot a DOS disk, insert the 3Com disk, and run 3C5X9CFG.EXE.
2) Disable Plug and Play.
3) (Optional) Reboot to DOS disk, run 3C5X9CFG.EXE, and set IRQ and IO
	addresses.  (If you do this during step 1 it may not work).
4) Reboot to rescue disk, supply boot values if appropriate.  The Linux
	driver name is 3c5x9.  Usually the kernel will detect the card
	automagically unless you have more than 1 NIC or some other
5) Have fun!

Hope this helps,

Nathan Norman
MidcoNet - 410 South Phillips Avenue - Sioux Falls, SD  57104
mailto://finn@midco.net   http://www.midco.net
finger finn@kepler.midco.net for PGP Key: (0xA33B86E9)

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