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Eithernet Cards on bo


Currently I have a 386 running Debian 1.3.1 (BO) and it is running the
2.0.29 kernel. I was wanting to use a EtherLink III from 3 com, it is a
3c509b.k It has both BNC and AUI on it. It also has no jumpers. It is an
ISA card. I  was just wonderijng if there is a way to get that working on
teh 386 i have. Or if i can't get that working I would like to use a 3com
NW1000-TP I don't know what 3c* it is but it is from 3Com. It has jumper
settings on it i disabled the nemory and the i/o baes on it is 300.

Please help me out

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