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Re[2]: What's the state of gnome on debian ?

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:

> The current release .20 of GNOME is waiting in Incoming (things seem
> slow getting into slink).  You can get it from the maintainer's site --
> www.jimpick.com.  I package Imlib and it too is waiting in Incoming. 
> You can get it from www.livenet.net/~shaleh/software.

Hmmm...I feel like offering a reminder that two of the .20 tarballs will not
compile without surgery: in utils one must get rid of gdiskfree, and in admin
get rid of gxsnmp. At least that's been mine, and several other's experience.
I understand there's a fixed-up version of gxsmnp in the works, and that the
gdiskfree problem is known and may have been fixed in the cvs tree. The latter
however AFAIK, is still not open for anon download.

I too probably could benefit from reading up on the 'window-manager
compliance' issue. I seem to be runnng the panel here with AfterStep 1.4.5 (I
think that's the version <g>) with no problems other than the bugginess of
some of the Gnome applets.

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Esmond, R.I.       ftp://rupturedduck.dyn.ml.org  (sometimes)

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