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Re: What's the state of gnome on debian ?

Ionut Borcoman at debian wrote:
> Is the gnome available for hamm ? Or slik ? If for slik, can I install
> gnome on a hamm system ?

The current release .20 of GNOME is waiting in Incoming (things seem
slow getting into slink).  You can get it from the maintainer's site --
www.jimpick.com.  I package Imlib and it too is waiting in Incoming. 
You can get it from www.livenet.net/~shaleh/software.

> Another question would be which are the debian gnome compliant
> window-managers ?

I expect a new verion of window maker (.16) and icewm to be coming into
slink real soon.  Enlightenment will be GNOME compliant and will be in
Debian as soon as it is released as version .14.  (I package this too)

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