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Re: modem works now - but modem-computer comunication really slow

If i understand correctly, one of your problems is that it is very slow.
1) Is it a plug-and-play modem ?
2) what does setserial (setserial /dev/ttyS3 -a) reports ?
3) Perhaps you should consider giving a more specific modem initialization 
string, rather then ATZ ?
4) I think you should read the PPP HOWTO. It is a bit different from the way 
Debian handels the connection but, never the less, I find it an invaluable 
source to start things going (and also get a little insight). I also saw on 
this list that there are instructions on the automatic FAQ (FAQ'O'MATIC ?), 
although I did not used it.

> I am trying to connect a zoltrix 33600 modem to a hamm machine.
> The modem is an internal modem running on ttyS3
> I managed to get the modem dialing, only the comunication is really
> slow. It takes 20-30 seconds to get the OK answear from the init
> string (ATZ). Then the modem dials (minicom also takes the dial
> command real slow). It then connects to the provider (used minicom and
> also checkes with plog using pon). The inoput comes at about 30
> seconds for half a line to load. I get the login and password promts
> (only using minicom - pon hangs up before they apear) and after
> connecting the modem hangs up in the middle of the coming from the
> provider to start ppp connection.

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