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Re: Where is lapack-dev ?

Drake Diedrich wrote:
>    Lapack++ hasn't been packaged yet, but would be welcome.  The successor,
> NTL, might be a better time investment.  http://math.nist.gov/tnt/

After some strugle, I've managed to compile Lapack++. The tests included
in the distribution (the netlib one) said it's OK. I have also made the
shared libs. As this is my first attept to make a shared lib, please
tell me if the commnads are OK. Here are some lines from one of the

        rm -f $(BLASPP_LIB).a $(BLASPP_LIB).so
        ar cr $(BLASPP_LIB).a $(BLASPP_OBJS)
        case x$(HASRANLIB) in xt ) echo ranlib; ranlib $(BLASPP_LIB).a
;; esac
        g++ -shared -Wall -o $(BLASPP_LIB).so $(BLASPP_OBJS)

The last line is added by me. After the changes, the libs compiled
without any problem, but I want to be sure I didn't forget something.
The variables, for completness, are:

BLASPP_OBJS =  blas1++.o blas2++.o blas3++.o

If you are interested, I can send a diff file, if you explain me how to
make it :). The changes are quite many I think: I've changed "by hand"
the name of all the LAPACK and BLASS functions and removed all the
references to <generic.h>, a file which doesn't exist on my system. Do
you know what's this header about ? Nevertheless, as I've said, after
the changes the libs compiled OK. The examples still give some compile
warnings (I didn't change them to use shared libs). Those that are using
shared libs compiled without warnings and run OK.


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