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Re: Driver bug? 56k USR doesn't transmit properly?

In <359EB9B0.7A0743DA@worldnet.att.net>, on 07/04/98 
   at 07:24 PM, kenneth scharf <ken.janis.scharf@worldnet.att.net> said:

>  Just a guess.  Make sure that you have specified a connection speed of
>115200 (between computer and modem).  Of course you must have '550 uarts in
>the serial port.

Thanks.  Have done that.  It's an internal, too, so has a '550A.  Seems to
be properly detected, etc, etc by setserial.  Have tried defining with both
115200 and the default 38400 with spd_vhi set by setserial.  I can't find
anything strange in the minicom setup strings, ppp.chatscript, options, or
other files laid out in serial or ppp docs.

Is there anything I should look for in the serial part of the kernal setup? 
Can such be addressed (for the moment) with setserial?


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