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Driver bug? 56k USR doesn't transmit properly?

Got my PPP connection up and running with a USR 56k modem.  The modem WILL
connect through "regular" dialup (33.6).  Problem is that it doesn't
transmit properly when connected with the provider's X2 modem.  It DOES work
under OS/2. Init string's same.  Login procedure is simple (no PAP or CHAP,
just id and pswd).  Login's the same for both numbers (the 33.6 and X2

I get an "Invalid login" when my user ID is entered at the initial prompt. 
My ID begins with a lowercase "i" followed by a number.  Eg.  i123456

Could this be a problem with the serial driver??  Their tech support
mentioned the server being Unix or Unix-based (Linux/BSD?).

Kenward Vaughan
"nearly up and running under Linux ... "

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