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PGP compiliation problems

I've been having some serious trouble getting PGP to compile in hamm. 
On a freshly untarred PGP source tree, I do everything that setup.doc
tells me to:  (from /usr/src/pgp, logged in as root)

cd rsaref/install/unix
cd /usr/src/pgp/src
make linux

Making rsaref gives me no errors, but the 'make linux' complains a
lot.  It compiles all the singular source files fine, but when it gets
to the 'gcc -o pgp pgp.o crypto.o ...' it spews forth many undefined
references such as:

crypto.o: In function 'read_mpi' :
/usr/src/pgp/src/crypto.c:627: undefined reference to 'P_SETP'

Most of these are undefined references to P_SOMETHING's, they
appear in various .o's.  Also, towards the end I get a bunch of
undefined references from _zmatch.o to various _something functions.

I've compiled various other things and haven't had any problems. 
Anyone got any ideas?


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