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Re: Current Mirrors? Was deselect wont ftp

Young, Ed wrote:
> I'll be surfing the mirrors looking for one which has some recent dates on
> the files. Seems that the most current is June 27th or so. Can you recommend
> one?
>         What do you mean "Using dselect with the apt method on a mirror
> which supports http is quite
>         fast."?
> I'm pretty confused about quit a bit of stuff. Was deselect upgraded in the
> autoup.sh session to now use apt? Or do I need to add it...??
> Still not sure what the apt method is. I've got alot of docs on this upgrade
> but still haven't figured that out. I see that it is the command line method
> of the new package manager, but I've got no real usage other than
> "run apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade". I believe I also have to install
> it first anyway, unless it was installed in the autoup.sh session.
> Guess I have the weekend to figure out some of this...
> Thanx again for the help.

	Yeah its a little confusing.  apt will eventually replace dselect, but
right now it has no GUI or full-screen interface like dselect.  It does
have a command-line interface that implements the newer, better 'get'
routines.  Now there are 2 ways you can use apt.  When you install apt
(look in ftp.debian.org/debian/project/experimental for the latest apt
.deb package), apt not only installs itself as an executable (apt-get)
it also installs itself as a new access method for dselect.  When you
next run dselect, you'll see apt listed under the access methods, along
with 'cdrom', 'ftp', e.t.c.  To use this new method, you first must
setup /etc/apt/sources.list.  Here are some example entries:
	deb ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian frozen main contrib non-free
	deb ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian slink main contrib non-free


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