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Re: Linux/WinNT dual booting (an idea...)

I'm not sure if my plan will work, but hopefully I'll find out this
weekend.  Feel free to save me the trouble if someone else has
already tried this and it doesn't work...  Actually I just realized
that I may not have time this weekend... but anyway...

My first hard drive has DOS and Win98 on it.
My second drive had NT5 on it.
My third drive has the Debian.

NT must control the boot sector on the first drive, so I'm making
win98 the default startup and setting it to present menu always.
>From there I can F4 or choose to boot to DOS which will prompt me
with the DOS multi-config menu where I will choose either DOS or to
run loadlin and boot linux.  With the exception of using the loadlin,
all the other parts have been done and work fine to let me into the
other 3 OS...



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