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Kernel compiling on Debian

2 questions for the cognoscenti :

I have compiled quite a few kernels on Debian but am not sure I am doing
the things in the easiest/cleanest way ...

One thing that works flawlessly is installing the source package and
then using the make-kpkg command from the kernel-package package.

The same source tree used with the usual make menuconfig;make dep;make
all;make install does not work ....

Any pointers ?????

What is the cleanest way to experiment with "unstable" kernels which are
not yet packaged (ex. 2.1.xxx) ??? Just unpack them in the
/usr/src/linux and use the make-kpkg trick on them and fiddle with my
lilo.conf to have both old and new kernels to boot ??

Thank you very much for your help. Bob
Robert Alexander - IBM Italy
work e-mail : rja@raleigh.ibm.com
private     : bob@inorbit.com

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