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Re: Kernel compiling on Debian

>> "RA" == Robert Alexander <bob@inorbit.com> writes:

RA> One thing that works flawlessly is installing the source package and
RA> then using the make-kpkg command from the kernel-package package.

RA> The same source tree used with the usual make menuconfig;make dep;make
RA> all;make install does not work ....

You maybe need to "make clean".

RA> What is the cleanest way to experiment with "unstable" kernels which are
RA> not yet packaged (ex. 2.1.xxx) ??? Just unpack them in the
RA> /usr/src/linux and use the make-kpkg trick on them and fiddle with my
RA> lilo.conf to have both old and new kernels to boot ??

I have never done this, but I think this is right (make a bootfloppy, just 
for the worst case though :-). make-kpkg (or is it lilo) will automaticaly 
have entries for the two most recent kernels you build in the standard
config, IIRC.


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